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Psircus #1

by Daniel Bell, Iain Buchanan & Katja Lindblom

This 24 page B&W comic compromises of three short stories:

Kathy Isn't Right

Bell & Lindblom

Kathy is a girl who hears voices and there's a monkey coming to get her. Her salvation wants to take her where it's always sunny, but there is a darkness to these promises.


Bell & Buchanan

Icarus is a troubled girl, her father is training her to be an assassin only there are no bullets in the gun and it's not really her father.

The Pull


There's a rapist on the prowl and Kathy and Icarus, agents of the Psircus are out to get him. how can they overcome a man who can make people do whatever he wants them to? How will they deal with the threat without exposing their secret world?

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